Worldwide Prayer Meeting - October 26, 2024

Oct 26, 2023 | by Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

Rejoice! The Lord is king! The Psalmist asked, “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?” (Psalm 2:1) It is inevitable that no matter how evil plots, wars and rages, it must, it must, it must, bend the knee before the all-conquering Savior and Lord. The issue is not in doubt. Although the struggle is real and the forces arrayed against righteousness continue to hurl the best they have against those who stand for the Lord, our God reigns. Put your armor on. The battle is most assuredly the Lord’s.


My dear Lord, It seems that no matter how much I try to safeguard my life from the presence of evil, it finds a way to make itself known. Like a creaky old house where the wind blows in everywhere, there’s something said on the radio or TV or somebody throws out a cuss word when I’m walking somewhere. I’m looking on the internet for a simple thing and there’s some nonsense that I know offends You because it offends me. I try to protect my children but the songs they like are full of lyrics that are just wrong. I know it’s not just the things outside of me. I remember the monks who tried to isolate themselves in the desert but found that even there the devil tempted them through their thoughts.

Dear God, since we live in a world where all this is around us, please help me to flee to You for a place of safety. Help me to extinguish those sparks so they don’t fan into flames either in me or the ones that I love. Through the power of Your Holy Spirit, let me be pure in a world that is so impure. I know that Your dear Son did not die so that we would remain stained with sin but so through You we would overcome the world. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


This is a video from the Santiago (Chile) Central Corps Songsters singing Phil Laeger’s song, “I Surrender.” It is in Spanish, a beautiful song in any language.


Background of the South America West Territory

            The South America West Territory is comprised of four countries: Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Below is background information on each country:

            Bolivia: Bolivia is a landlocked country and the poorest one in South America. Approximately 70% of the population lives in poverty and half of those live in extreme poverty. Although it has legitimate uses, coca leaf production also has illicit uses and the government can’t control this.

            On the positive side, evangelical churches are growing even though the Catholic Church retains the status as the State Church. Leadership training is needed to provide the foundation needed. Work among young people needs to be developed and expanded since 67% of Bolivia’s population is under 30 years of age.

            Chile: After suffering under the Pinochet dictatorship, Chile has emerged to a place of social and economic stability. But there have been some long term problems including a trend that resulted in 60% of children being born out of wedlock and one out of seven Chilean women becoming mothers by age 14. Although evangelical churches have enjoyed encouraging growth, less than half of those claiming to belong to them attend worship weekly. There has been poor leadership development which may be partly to blame.

            Ecuador: Ecuador has suffered from unstable governance for many years which has seriously compromised its ability to progress. Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of bananas. Some encouraging economic growth has occurred. The Catholic Church’s traditional dominance has eroded and some in response have launched violent attacks against Protestant churches including burning down churches and participating in mob violence. Despite this, evangelical churches are growing.

            Peru: Having suffered a long history of repressive military governments and dictatorships, Peru has also been buffeted by violent Maoist guerilla groups that have roamed the countryside and wreaked havoc. Poverty affects 50% of the population with 20% suffering from extreme poverty. There has been recent turnaround in socio-political progress being made that looks promising.

            The Catholic Church enjoys the status as the State Church but evangelicals have seen their numbers increasing at a rate never seen before. There has been particular evangelical growth among the indigenous Quechua and Amazonian peoples, descendants of the Incas.

            The Salvation Army commenced operations in Chile officially on October 1, 1909 under the direction of Brigadier and Mrs. William T. Bonnet in Valparaíso. The first corps was opened in Santiago on November 28. Work opened in Peru in 1910. Work followed in Bolivia in 1920. Ecuador opened in 1985.

Facts, Stats and Leadership of the

South America West Territory



  • Total population with which to fish and disciple: 82,177,950
  • 252 officers, 13 cadets, 4 envoys and 1,071 employees
  • 72 retired officers
  • 92 corps; 5 outposts
  • 5,021 senior soldiers
  • 1,379 adherents
  • 1,514 junior soldiers


  • Territorial Commander: Colonel Alex Nesterenko
  • Chief Secretary: Lt. Colonel Raul Bernao
  • President of Women’s Ministries – Colonel Luz Nesternenko

Prayer Requests of the South America West Territory

  • For the challenge to be creative, go to the people and serve passionately.
  • For growth, evangelism and expansion.  That new families are won to Christ and that the appointments open up new work.
  • For the renewal of the social work according to the current needs in comprehensive programs.
  • That all officers may reach 85% of their salary by 2024.
  • For the territory's self-support plan through financial independence projects.
  • For development and spiritual growth of local leaders and training for mission and vocational awakening whether for full time or local service.

USA Southern Territory Prayer Requests

  • The family of Major Chiffonia Smith who was Promoted to Glory this past week.
  • The family of Major Henry Russell who was Promoted to Glory this past week.
  • The family of Terry Goldfarb, father of Major Aaron Goldfarb, who was Promoted to Glory this past week.
  • Colonel Deborah Sedlar
  • Lt. Colonel Janice Reifer
  • Program Department
  • Doug Neely, Director of Software Services, Information Technology Services
  • Anthony Trauring, Administrative Assistant/Finance Assistant, Finance
  • Chuck Gann, Director of Territorial Financial Systems, Finance
  • Major Anita Caldwell, Director of Curriculum, EBC
  • Cadet Jillian Warf
  • Captain Michael Good, Divisional Candidates’ Secretary, ALM Division
  • Commissioner Jolene Hodder, NHQ
  • Majors Tom & Julie Louden, officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers of the Kentucky/Tennessee Division
  • Local officers
  • An anonymous request asking that she would glorify God as she awaits His return; strength as she battles Satan who is attacking her through her body, soul and mind; peace in the world and that the nations would turn their eyes on God.

Something to Consider

Richard Slater had been a Sunday school teacher. One day he announced to his class that this would be his last Sunday because he had determined there was nothing to Christianity. Declaring himself to be an agnostic, he pursued his passion for music becoming an accomplished professional violinist.

One day he heard the distant beating of bass drum on a London street. Curious, he followed the sound and soon found himself following a Salvation Army procession back to a noisy hall. He pulled out his ever-present notebook and prepared to take notes on what he was about to see. He thought that the people here were making absolute fools of themselves, but it was a good show nonetheless.

During the testimony time a lass barely out of her teens stood up and in a thick Cockney accent declared, “My missus knows I been converted because before I used to sweep the dust under the carpet. Nows I clean it all right up.” Then she sat down. The testimony hit him like a ton of bricks. Here was no deep theology. Here was solid evidence of a life that had been profoundly changed, down to the simplest of everyday acts.

He left the meeting in a daze. He could not shake the impression of that moment. It wasn’t many hours before he knelt by his bed and sought that same Savior who had reached a little maid’s heart. He went back to The Salvation Army, became an officer and was later known as “the Father of Salvation Army music.” We still sing his songs today. Among them are a couple of lyrics below:

I have not much to give Thee, Lord, 
For that great love that made Thee mine;
I have not much to give Thee, Lord,

But all I have is Thine.


Jesus, see me at Thy feet,
Nothing but Thy blood can save me;
Thou alone my need canst meet,
Nothing but Thy blood can save me.

No! no! Nothing do I bring,
Buy by faith I’m clinging
To Thy cross, O Lamb of God!
Nothing but Thy blood can save me.


May God bless you as you go forth in this day, confident that His presence goes with you. Believe that He is willing to guide You if You are willing to seek Him. Amen.


William Booth’s classic song, “Send the Fire” has been given a terrific updating by Phil Laeger and presented here by USA Southern Territory Music and Arts Department. Stirring.


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